Friday, 16 January 2015

Day 16 of 365: A Change of Nail Colour

There's nothing better than a nail varnish that stays on your nails for a week and doesn't chip at all. And with my current base (OPI Nail Envy) and top coat (Artdeco Speed Dry Top Coat) it's pretty much an everyday thing with any nail varnish. So I need to repaint my nails once a week just because I want to change the colour.
Last week was a colour free one, with just Nail Envy on, to give my nails a little time to breathe after dark colours and a bit of glitter around Christmas and New Year. 
This week the colour is back and it goes by the name Sand Tropez from Essie. I really like this one, because although it's a very light and neutral colour, it's still very opaque (after two coats), applies really nicely and stays put for a very long time. It's my go-to colour when I want something on my nails, but nothing too noticeable. And I didn't get tired of it yet. Although, to be fair, I probably never will.

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